FS Emeric

FS Emeric is about what is happening right now. A sharper aesthetic that cuts across design disciplines — graphic, fashion, product, automotive. A reflection of the present that is accepting and open to whatever shape the future might take.

There was a feeling among Fontsmith’s clients that the principles of modernism needed to find fresh voices. In response to this, Phil asked whether the time might be right to move away from the deliberate neutrality of the classic fonts of the 30s and 50s, towards something with a visibly more contemporary and human character. Throughout the design process, two central ideas competed for attention.

Firstly, Jan Tschichold’s contention that a good letter is “one that expresses itself, speaking with the utmost distinctiveness and clarity”. Secondly, a belief that a font can be personally expressive without compromising its functionality. This underlying tension became the fuel that drove the project to its conclusion.

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To celebrate the launch of FS Emeric, Fontsmith asked 11 leading design studios from around the globe to create a limited edition poster.

FS Emeric (Official Poster)

Studio Poster Series

Each poster has been designed with one specific weight of the FS Emeric typeface. Screen printed by Dan Mather A1 onto 175gsm Colorplan stock and hand numbered, each poster has a limited run of 50.

Fontsmith are giving away one randomly selected poster when two or more weights of the FS Emeric typeface are purchased (while stocks last).


The result is a font that might be described with a vocabulary we would not normally associate with work borne out of modernist ideals — emotional, warm, characterful — even personal. A font that is authoritative, but never sacrifices its humanity. Can this font embrace these potential contradictions and move the creative dialogue forward? Can this process deliver something new and uncharted — a clear and simple visual language, but always with an optimistic spirit?

FS Emeric
FS Emeric
  • Clear
  • Geometric
  • Expressive
  • Characterful
  • Functional
  • Kinetic
  • Optimism
  • Humanity
  • Precision
  • Authority
  • Elegance
  • Energy


FS Emeric has something of a double life. In headlines, its subtly chiselled terminals add an uncharacteristic elegance to an otherwise functional aesthetic. But the real surprises are revealed at body copy sizes, where its classic authority is joined by a kinetic energy — a very human ‘bounce’ from word to word.

The micro-modulations in weight and the openness of the characters, especially in lowercase, invite us to skip along the lines, led by glyphs like the ‘a’, ‘k’ and ‘r’. These characters set the personality profile of the font – contemporary cues with a very personal edge.

FS Emeric FS Emeric FS Emeric

Phil Garnham

Phil Garnham

The past two years have seen some big changes in my life — a new daughter, a new home and a director role at this extraordinary company called Fontsmith. FS Emeric has been a constant companion, and the resulting character is one of optimism and progress.”


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